Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else

No, even if you fear your ex is seeing someone new, you should not breach the No Contact Rule.

Following a breakup, many individuals have an unusual misconception.

They refuse to think their ex is looking for new love after the breakup.

For years, I have attempted to persuade clients that the significant reason an ex starts a breakup is to meet someone new. The ex thinks they will be able to find someone better.

The Grass is Greener Syndrome is a term we use to describe this phenomenon.
After a breakup, more compatible mates are occasionally found.

The majority of the time, though, this does not happen.

Many people in this position believe that by “defending your territory,” you may make a difference and stop the new relationship.

I am sorry to tell you this, but you can do nothing to prevent your ex from starting a new relationship.

Your ex will find someone fresh if he or she is interested. In this case, breaching the No Contact Rule early to “defend your territory” would not help.

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Does The No Contact Rule Work If He’s Already Seeing Someone Else?

You might wonder if it is worth it to try the no-contact rule any longer.
Well, spoiler alert: When your ex is dating someone else, the no contact rule CAN and DOES work… but only if you follow it correctly.

That is accurate; there is a lot more to the no contact rule than you would assume, so let us start with a rule of what it is.

The no-contact rule serves as the cornerstone for any approach to reuniting with an ex (or even move on from them).

I have written multiple articles about it, shot several films about it, and even done podcast episodes.

But what exactly is this enigmatic no-contact rule?

Explained, the no contact rule is a period of time during which you intentionally ignore your ex to make them miss you while concentrating on improving your life in all critical areas.

When your ex has moved on, how does this work?

Is it no longer effective in that situation?

To adequately address the topic, I believe we need to discuss two things:
The most common misunderstanding concerning the no-contact rule is that
When your ex has gone on to someone else, what works under the no contact rule.

Let us start from the beginning.

What is the most common misunderstanding about the No Contact Rule?

When the ordinary person wants to learn about the no contact rule, they Google it and end up on either my or someone else’s website, where they know about the rule but do not comprehend what it means.

Do you recall the definition I just gave?

On the other hand, people just read up to the section about making your ex miss you and miss the memo about enhancing their lives.

Although the no-contact rule may cause your ex to miss you, it does not ensure that they will. You do with your time under the no contact rule is the secret sauce of the no contact rule.

Will he move on during no contact?

Do not even think about it! If he does not hear from you for several weeks or months, he could forget about you. Instead, use my variation of the no-contact rule to raise your chances by a factor of ten.

I combine the finest of both worlds for you. It is essential to make contact, but it is necessary to make the correct type of touch.

Will he forget about you if you do not contact him for a while?

The no contact rule works, but only if you are honest with yourself about where you were in the relationship before it broke down.

It will become sticky if he broke up with you because he was never all that close to you, to begin with, or because there was another lady in the picture.

You would be deceiving yourself if you believed all he needed was space, right?

He took advantage of this occasion to end your relationship. He was lowering the stakes. Or, if he called it a time out, he is probably simply toying with words and intends to call it a day.

Before you start utilizing the no contact rule, make sure you take a long, hard look at how much of a relationship you truly have in the first place. He must be in love with you for the no contact rule to succeed.

If he is seeing someone else, will no contact work?

You and your lover may have already broken up a few months ago. However, you can not deny that you still have feelings for him and that your love for him has not faded since he left your life.

Furthermore, your best friend has informed you that your ex is currently seeing someone else. We all know that receiving that news still crushes your heart a little.

Even after your relationship was finished, you kept in touch with your ex. You opt to quit talking to him, even though it is complicated and unsure whether you can. Then you second-guess yourself, wondering whether no contact works if your ex is seeing someone else. Your responses are listed below.

Do exes come back after dating someone else?

When you learn that someone you care about is seeing someone new, it triggers a slew of emotions, and the worst thing is that it feels like you are going through the breakup all over again. The agony of it comes to the foreground of your consciousness, accompanied by a flood of misgivings about your chances of succeeding.

Though this is a natural reaction to learning that your ex is seeing someone new, I want to stress the significance of not comparing yourself to the new person.

When I work with people in this circumstance, they frequently ask questions such as, “What does she have that I don’t?” Alternatively, “Why did my ex pick him over me?” I can tell you right now that these are negative beliefs that will not bring you anywhere.

How can you tell if he is not interested in you anymore?

Signs He Is not Done With You
He still texts you every year on your birthday to wish you a happy birthday.
You continue to get invited to his gatherings.

You are pretty sure he has texted you anything along the lines of “you up?” at least once.

He is making it a point to show you how much he is changed and matured over the years.

On social media, he has not blocked you.

Will my ex-boyfriend return if he has a new girlfriend?

Unless the relationship offers a compelling reason for them to stay, they will usually leave. One of my ex-girlfriends is pregnant with his rebound. You can be sure he will be back if he is seeing someone to get over you.
Even if he is dating someone, you can be sure that if he has affection for you, he will come to you eventually.

What should I do if my ex is having an affair?

It is frequently an emotional coaching session. “My ex started dating someone else right away!” is a common scream followed by a cracked voice.

You have probably arrived here because you wonder if there is still a possibility of getting your ex back if they are seeing or dating someone during the no-contact period.

That is what I will talk about in this essay, and I want you to know that there is still hope and that this is not the worst thing that could have occurred.
Stay in the moment by taking a deep breath.

To get your ex back, you do not have to do anything immediately.
Let us get this party started.

The first step, as I frequently repeat, is to refuse to panic.

We already knew your ex had lost interest in you and was no longer where you wanted them to be in terms of their feelings for you.

You have also devised a strategy of avoiding interaction.

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