Should I block my ex’s phone number and social media accounts? It is a legitimate question, and some people would advise simply blocking the ex and moving on. But it is not quite that easy.

Many couples have gone through a traumatic breakup just to rekindle their love and end up in a very happy and devoted relationship. Some argue that people never change, and this may be true. However, it is also true that people learn from their experiences (usually).

Perhaps you and your ex were a terrific fit but lacked the maturity to make it work. Perhaps things will turn out differently now that some time has gone and certain lessons have been learnt.

In the end, there are better methods to repair a broken relationship than just banning the ex.

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Should I Block My Ex?

You need some alone time to sort things out. You might meet the right person at the wrong time.

However, having an ex on your social media accounts creates a difficult scenario, and sometimes banning them is the best way.

Is it better to block or ignore an ex?

This is all dependent on how you feel and how your ex behaves. Ignore your ex if you do not mind seeing them on social media. However, if they begin to be abusive, it is best to block them. If you are concerned that ‘he blocked me, will he return?’ simply ignore him.

If you find it difficult to say “no” (but you know they will attempt to tug at your emotions), consider blocking them as a self-care time. It is just a way of hastening the healing of your broken heart, which is the most mature thing you can possibly do.

In this situation, the breakup was important to get away from the emotional upheaval, clear your mind, and find out what went wrong.
If you had a poor relationship where the ex was mostly to blame, consider all the instances they failed and damaged you.

Is blocking immature?

It was a clean breakup, and you want to be friends. Some breakups occur because two people do not function well together but are compatible as friends, maybe even terrific ones.

So, select the block option and march forward. It makes complete sense to me that following a breakup, we should remove ourselves from the situation in order to recuperate and heal.

Some of these components might have been mind games or unhealthy habits. Finally, a breakup is about getting rid of every single unpleasant aspect of a relationship from your life — the mind games, tedious habits, poor routines, and everything else.

Do it for the sake of inner serenity. Was the breakup difficult?

Why you shouldn’t block your ex?

What is the point of the no contact time if you are going to spend it monitoring their accounts or, worse, occasionally chatting to them?

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I have seen a lot of broken relationships over the last two decades, and I can tell you that sticking to the no contact rule and leaving your ex alone gives you the best chance of bringing him or her back.

Is it immature to block your ex?

No. You can not look at it that way. You are discussing strategies for your own safety. You are the most important person in your life. Being excessively concerned with others means you are not experiencing your life.

It is a wonderful thing to develop the capacity to swiftly get over ex-lovers and other undesirable baggage. No contact totally shuts down a person and is frequently advised when dealing with obstinate and nasty people.

It is not because they are horrible people, but because any relationship between the two of you is certain to fail.

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During that time, my eyes were genuinely opened to some larger truths, and the following are some useful things I discovered that helped me go ahead and find closure.

It will rob you of your false feeling of security.

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Should I block him or just ignore him?

This is the time to hit the stop button and guarantee you break the cycle so you can finally move on and avoid falling back into that heartbroken state.
Because social media platforms are such an important part of our life these days, he will undoubtedly have strong feelings about them.

Blocking a broken-hearted ex, on the other hand, is the time their healing process actually begins.

What is more painful, blocking or ignoring?
Should I stop him so he can go on?

Should I block my ex if I still love him?

However, if you are considering banning your ex’s phone number in order to save yourself and your mental health, you are not being immature.

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Should I Block My Ex?

The largest stumbling barrier, though, is if your ex either refused to commit, continued to do something that irritated you, just took you for granted, or a mix of all of these and other factors.

Do exes come back after they block you?

He will not unblock you if he does not feel guilty for what he has done or if he has not missed your news.

You should never care about this, in my view; you may speak trash about him now and he will not know haha (just kidding). Try not to go back to the social network he was on. Alter your habits.

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However, there comes a moment when the bad times outnumber the good.
In situations where there is no cheating and where couples agree on a breakup for reasons such as incompatibility, falling out of love, or having different life goals, the breakups are usually civilized and decent because both sides agree on parting ways and prefer to keep things civilized and decent.

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